Bioprocessing at Indigo

The Bioprocessing group is fully integrated into Indigo’s product development pipeline, which serves as the foundation of bringing Indigo’s prospective products to market. Bioprocessing focuses on maximizing production efficiencies and shelf-life, and decreasing cost and commercial risk. This includes media development and optimization, abiotic parameter optimization, downstream processing, and developing manufacturing processes for commercial scale-up. Within the bioprocessing group lies the formulation group, which focuses on product formulation development with regard to seed coating, ease of application, physical property analysis, and microbial survival. The full integration of the bioprocessing group with other team functions allows for increased efficiency and speed to market.

Meet Our Bioprocessing Team

What are some of the interview questions you were asked?

"1. "How do you handle frequent priority changes?" 2."What interests you about working for Indigo?" 3."Are you comfortable with working long days?" 4."Where did you get that snazzy blouse?""

Cassandra Ball

What We Do


Formulations Scientist, Biology Focus

Boston, MA

Head of Seed Treatment Applications

Boston, MA

Research Associate, Bioprocess

Boston, MA

Scientist, Bioprocessing Development

Boston, MA

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