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What opportunities do you think this role prepares you for in the future?

"Prior to joining Indigo, my roles were mainly R&D focused. My current role at Indigo has allowed me to wear many hats and has really allowed me to hone my professionalism and business sense."

Jesse Deardorff

What We Do


Account Manager-Rice

Houston, TX

Administrative Assistant, S-Team

Boston, MA

Agronomist Scout

Various locations throughout U.S.

Coastal Bend Account Manager

Houston, TX

Coastal Bend Agronomist

Houston, TX

Commercial Customer Journey Manager

Memphis, TN

Executive Assistant, Commercial

TBD or Memphis, TN

Executive Assistant, S-Team


High Plains Agronomist

Yoder, KS

Indigo Partners Business Operations Analyst


Indigo Partners Hub Manager


Mid-South Account Manager

Memphis, TN

Mid-South Agronomist

Memphis, TN

Northeast Agronomist

Columbus, OH

N.Texas/S.Oklahoma Account Manager

Lubbock, TX

Regional Account Manager Central Midwest - IL,MO

Central Midwest - IL,MO

Regional Account Manager Eastern Midwest - IN, OH

Eastern Midwest - IN, OH

Regional Account Manager Western Plains - KS,CO

Western Plains - KS,CO

SDR Manager

Memphis, TN

Senior Manager

Boston, MA

Southeast Account Manager

Atlanta, GA

Southeast Agronomist

Atlanta, GA

Technical Service Representative

Memphis, TN

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