Emily Lipscomb's Indigo Agriculture Story


What do you do on a day-to-day basis?

"Schedule interviews, research vendors for various projects, communicate with new hires and candidates regarding interviews, on-boarding, benefits, and other issues, working on developing on-boarding and orientation process for commercial hires."

Emily Lipscomb

What would you say are Indigo's core values, and why do they resonate with you?

"Helping farmers improve profitability, improving the healthfulness of food, protecting the environment and improving sustainability, and providing shareholders above average return. They resonate with me because I feel like I have an impact (whether it be directly or indirectly) on achieving these values."

Emily Lipscomb

In your view, what sorts of personality traits and professional qualities are common among Indigo employees?

"Ambitious, flexible, okay with ambiguity, able to clearly communicate both verbally and written, ability to prioritize, not afraid to follow up multiple times to get answers and direction when needed."

Emily Lipscomb

What is the opportunity Indigo is pursuing and why are you excited about it?

"I'm excited to be a part of a company that is aiming to feed the world in a sustainable way. Being part of something that will potentially have such a huge and life-changing impact is what makes me excited to be part of this journey."

Emily Lipscomb

How does Indigo help to encourage a healthy lifestyle?

"Indigo reimburses employees for gym membership (up to a certain amount). Indigo also offers yoga classes in Boston, and has access to a gym in both Boston and Memphis offices. Indigo also provides lunch three times per week for employees, and stocks the kitchens with healthy snacks such as fruit, nuts, hummus, crackers, and yogurt. Lastly, Indigo offers a generous amount of paid time off, which allows you to spend time with your family."

Emily Lipscomb

How did you prepare for the interview for this role?

"I read through the Indigo website, the Indigo LinkedIn page, prepared my own questions for each person I'd be meeting with, and assessed what I was looking for in my next career move so that I could articulate this to the team."

Emily Lipscomb


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