Hannah Wiley's Indigo Agriculture Story


What is your background and how did you end up in your current job?

"I studied business as an undergrad and loved my Human Resources class. I found I was passionate about people and wanted to learn more. I started my career in healthcare, starting as an HR Assistant and working my way up to full cycle recruiting. I met our VP of People, Katie Czerepak, from a mutual connection. I instantly was intrigued in what Indigo was doing. Katie was just starting to build her People Team and needed a recruiter. I was lucky enough to be her first hire! "

Hannah Wiley

What are some of the interview questions you were asked?

"What motivates you? How does Indigo's mission and core values personally resonate with you as a person? What are your biggest strengths and areas of improvement? What does your next 5 years look like? "

Hannah Wiley

What excites you about your company?

" Our culture. The people here really care about making the planet a better place."

Hannah Wiley

What's the hardest challenge you've had thus far in your job?

"I think the hardest thing has been getting up to speed in the ag space--learning about the key players and what they do, as well as getting to know the types of roles that we need in order to be a successful newcomer in this industry. "

Hannah Wiley

How did you prepare for the interview for this role?

"I read up on the company and the people I would be meeting with. Most of it was being confident in my experience! "

Hannah Wiley

What opportunities do you think this role prepares you for in the future?

"Working within Indigo's People department has given me new leadership skills and taught me to how to think critically about solving problems. Creativity is also essential to achieving our Company goals, so I feel that I've grown in this respect as well."

Hannah Wiley

What do you do on a day-to-day basis?

"I lead our full cycle recruiting efforts, which includes: building great relationships with hiring managers to collaborate on hiring needs; working with hiring managers to think about strategy for sourcing; sourcing candidates through posting on websites and managing LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and other sites; and finally, screening candidates. I take part in all screening interviews, in-person interviews, and reference calls. I am also the go-to person for drafting offer letters and giving guidance on compensation. I also spend time connecting with schools, going to career fairs, and connecting with students on campus. "

Hannah Wiley

How does your company, or manager, measure whether or not you are successful in your role?

"As a recruiter, it is crucial to make great relationships with hiring managers, executives, and candidates. We view different metrics to assess our progress, but we also have quarterly goals that help in evaluating our success as well!"

Hannah Wiley

What unique skills have you developed over time in your role and at this company?

"I have developed my ability to think strategically when it comes to our recruiting needs. Sometimes it's easy to solely execute and focus on getting things done, but my manager pushes me to think in this way. I have always been organized, but with the pace we are moving at, strategizing has become critical, and I am always looking to improve at this! "

Hannah Wiley


Brazil People Partner

São Paulo, Brazil

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