Rachel Raymond's Indigo Agriculture Story


How does Indigo tailor its crop products to meet a range of customer needs?

"The success of Indigo crop products is driven by a close connection between commercial customers and R&D. The key role that crop product managers play is staying connected to the field and continually representing the voice of the customer throughout the product development process to ensure the products we are promoting through the stage-gate best fit their needs. This process is also enabled through a mindset of continual improvement, we are focused on bringing products to the market that will create value for customers and then constantly improving upon those products, thanks to our rapid development cycle. "

Rachel Raymond

What is the opportunity Indigo is pursuing and why are you excited about it?

"Indigo is pursuing the opportunity to change the way the agriculture industry creates and shares value across the chain. It is a system that holds a significant amount of unrealized value that can be unlocked through new technology and new business models. Impacting the way we grow our food is an exciting challenge. "

Rachel Raymond

How do you collaborate with other parts of the organization?

"Product Management has the opportunity to work with every function at Indigo. The need for a high level of connectivity and collaboration is one of my favorite aspects of the role. Product managers work closely with all departments in R&D to ensure grower needs are constantly being addressed throughout the product development process. We also work with commercial and supply chain to ensure the right products are available at the right time. "

Rachel Raymond

What do you find most rewarding about your work?

"I've spent my whole career in agriculture and always have been interested in the way technology can change farmers' lives. For US farmers, better technology might mean more profitability and the chance to keep the farm in the family for another generation. For farmers in many places in the world, like Central America or Southeast Asia, technology can mean the opportunity to send the next generation to school rather than keeping them home to help on the farm. We all count on farmers to be there for us, and bringing technology to the market that can make their lives easier is the most rewarding facet of Indigo's mission and my role within it. "

Rachel Raymond


Crop Product Manager

Boston, MA

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