Shade Sabitu's Indigo Agriculture Story


How are you mentored in your company and are there opportunities for you to mentor others?

"At Indigo, I find that I'm given the opportunity to not only display and grow my expertise, but also share and teach others a discipline that may not be familiar to them. I sit down with my leadership regularly to discuss ways to develop myself and also collaborate with members of other functions. This way, we can all understand our inter-dependencies and work to glean knowledge from each other."

Shade Sabitu

How does Indigo facilitate professional development and skill-building for all employees?

"The fact that we work in a fast-paced, growing environment requires every individual go beyond what is known and familiar to them and be willing to develop themselves so they can bring innovative solutions to our organization. Indigo allows every individual the opportunity to recognize areas for growth and work with leadership to explore and find solutions in these areas. In this process, both the individual and the organization can move closer to their goals."

Shade Sabitu

What is the opportunity Indigo is pursuing and why are you excited about it?

"I'm excited that Indigo's goals are aligned with increasing crop production in a more sustainable way, while helping farmers thrive in their businesses. When we attain these goals, improvement in our local and national economies will come from the inside out. If our farmers thrive, so will the local communities they live in. And with a more sustainable way of agricultural production, we protect and preserve the environment for our future."

Shade Sabitu

What's the hardest challenge you've had thus far in your job?

"My hardest challenge is working around other people's busy schedules. Our folks are busy here; there's really a lot to accomplish. If a particular individual is not immediately available, I have found myself finding alternative ways of getting the information I need. This way of working may be stressful for some, but I see it as a great way to be innovative and explore unchartered avenues of getting things done."

Shade Sabitu

What do you do on a day-to-day basis?

"My job is to understand and make sure we adhere to the seed laws and regulations that may restrict our ability to commercialize our treated seed products. I work with cross-functional colleagues to understand our product profiles and see how they line up against with these regulations. I also work with third-party partners to make sure our treated seeds are of excellent quality. I keep abreast of federal and state regulation changes and communicate that to internal colleagues as needed. "

Shade Sabitu

What would you say are Indigo's core values, and why do they resonate with you?

"I feel a sense of pride working at Indigo because transparency and respect for people are values that are talked about and easily displayed here. The flow of information at Indigo is more of a 'push' then a 'pull'. Our business objectives and plans are no secret to our workforce. 'Every one has something to bring to the table' is a personal value of mind, and I can see that displayed when every voice is heard and every opinion considered."

Shade Sabitu

What is your background and how did you end up in your current job?

"It was really chance that led me to Regulatory. I have degrees in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Business Management; none of which directly linked me to do Regulatory work. However, my first job out of graduate school was in Regulatory Sciences. I worked in a lab for about five years, generating and interpreting data for global regulatory submission, and then found my way to writing the actual submission as a Product Registration Manager. Along the way, I picked up interest in learning more about Regulatory policies that affect our industry, and here I am."

Shade Sabitu


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