Manufacturing at Indigo

Manufacturing at Indigo is responsible for the production of microbial inoculants for the commercial- scale seed treatment. We take information from R&D and process development and work closely with regulatory, QA/QC and product management to transfer robust production of microbial inoculants to our wide range of contract manufacturing partners. When the processes have been established, we work closely with the contract manufacturing organizations to ensure the timely supply of high quality, ready-to-use products for the planting seasons. As Indigo grows, we will expand our network and enable production of microbial inoculants in key global markets.

Meet Our Manufacturing Team

What do you do on a day-to-day basis?

"My days are super varied - at the core, I am establishing a network of partners to manufacture our Indigo Microbes, so I spend a lot of time traveling to visit potential partners and work face to face with existing partners. At the same time, I work with project management, product management, process and product development to ensure that we are aligned and are able to produce the new products from the pipeline. Another key part of my day to day job is to look ahead and help ensure that we as a company make the right decisions - so I often participate in meetings to make and align on strategic and tactical decisions in the leadership team or in project groups."

Anders Gram

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