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The Regulatory function at Indigo is to enable the commercialization of Indigo’s microbial products locally in the US as well as internationally by complying with state, federal and international legislature governing the use and regulation of microbial products in agriculture. We assess early in the Stage Gate process registerability and rapid fit to preferred routes (“time to market”) through networking and building strong working relationships with an interdisciplinary group of people from different organizations and regulatory authorities in the US and worldwide. We also establish import permits to secure flawless importations, develop dossiers and quality data for registration.

Meet Our Regulatory Team

What would you say are Indigo's core values, and why do they resonate with you?

"Indigo is a purpose-driven company where we innovate, create, make a difference, and embrace challenges. We have exceptional people who contribute to the innovation in business and science, as well as to the disruption of the agriculture industry and food system at large. What resonates with me is being part of the business and scientific innovation for the food and farming world I deeply care about. "

Eda Reinot

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Regulatory & Compliance Coordinator, Abiotic Seed Applied Technology

Boston, MA

Regulatory Manager, Biocontrol Products

Boston, MA

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